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Gear Check: Gemming With the Jigsaw Puzzle Analogy

Gear Check provides casuals with an insight on gear choices, enchantments, and gems for all occasions, as well as basics on how the system works, what your gearscore means, and why you got kicked because you had a iLevel 200 in a ToC raid.

Good God, So Many Gems!

Gems can be overwhelming if you simply look for a Jewelcrafting link. Like many other things, you need to know your needs and how to reach them. As a fresh 80 being met with new gear with sockets, gems are a necessity that will visibly improve your DPS, tanking or healing. Each class has certain needs, but not necessarily every need should be gemmed. Before this article will make much sense to you, I advise you first do a bit of research on your class’ needs: great places for that can be found on the Links sidebar.

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