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Stats and Ratings (and Clich├ęs, oh my!)

Sure, its shiny, but what does it all mean?

Sure, it's shiny, but what does it all mean?

Wrath of the Lich King, in all its splendor, has served to make gear significantly more complicated with the abundance of combat ratings and the different ways statistics affect certain classes. Here to bring some order to the chaos is the intelligent casual, Xicon.

Welcome to the first of my posts about gearing your fresh 80. The early weeks of this blog will be littered with posts similar to these, but eventually they will level out and become relevant to current Azeroth. But for now, I give you these.

Gear can look overwhelming when you first see it. That shiny new Tier 8.5 epic piece you saw when you went to the Dalaran blacksmith? The model looks cool, but what’s with all these numbers? And this (0/5)? [/] Blue Socket? What is all this crap? For the answers, look no further than this post. Well, further past the break, but you get the point.

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