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That One Casual Guy

From the Runetotem server comes a new kind of casual… a casual who cares, who understands the inner workings of the game and their classes… sort of. This casual has a name… and that name…

…is Xicon. Actually, that is one of my three names. Nazg├╗l (Blood Elf Death Knight), Eorlingas (Blood Elf Paladin), and Xicon (Undead Warlock). But to you kind readers I am Xicon.

Now I’m sure the first thing you notice when you look at my Armory pages is my fairly weak gear quality. I’m very clearly a casual player. Now those two words seem to set off alarms in the heads of most players these days. They are too often associated with “poor” and “scrub”. For fairly obvious reasons, naturally – casual players don’t normally take the time to read forums such as Elitist Jerks to maximize their damage, tanking or healing efficiency. In fact, many of them could hardly make a case for one stat over the other or explain their gear choices. A new day is dawning, however. And that day is the day when casuals will finally understand what things mean, how all these numbers affect that number under “Recount – DPS for Overall Data” or how this talent makes that boss attack you and only you.

That day is not today, however. Until then, I’m here to fill the void.

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